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Rowin Beat Loop


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Beat Looper

1.3.5mm stereo aux in jack

2.3.5mm stereo earphone jack
3.Looper record/play/Overdub
  *.File storage format is WAV,Mono,48K-24bit sampling,the sound dynamic range is 105DB.
  *.30 storage locations,each recording time up to 5 minutes,all of 30 loopers recording total time up to 50 minutes
  *.The LCD show the recording and playing progress.
 *.The looper's overdub operation unrestricted in this pedal.
4.Two group of drums,32 kinds of sound,40 drums(1 to 20 drumes are standard drum,,21 to40 drums are electronic drum)

5.USB audio device,support for recording and playback(support 48k sampling rate)
6.USB online system upgrade
7.Audio file can be imported and exported to this pedal(only support for WAV format file)
  *.Two encoders with key function  *.Built-in two footswitch pedal  *.Ctrl in jack can connect a two-footswitch pedal to control drum

9.LCD backlight show the state fo recording,overdub,playing,stop,undo and redo