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Kinman Pickups Loaded Stratocaster Pickguard (Kinman Big Nine O + Two AVN 69's)


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Fully Loaded Pickguard hand-wired by our luthier Raymond, featuring a Kinman Big Nine O in the Bridge and two AVN 69 Pickups in the Middle and Neck Position.

All featuring Kinman Signature Noiseless design for Zero-Hum fitted alongside USA 'Switchcraft' Jack and 5-way Switch!


You've got one or two humbuckers in your Strat and the Strat pickup are hopelessly under-powered.  You have had this problem for years because no other Strat pickup balances with humbuckers ..... now here it is …. the second most awesome Strat* pickup ever conceived, the Big-Nine-0.  This remarkable pickup has the outside appearance of a Stratocaster* pickup with Alnico-K* rod magnets … but as the name implies it almost has the power and sound of a P-90.  Only the new Kick-in-the-Arse that sounds like a humbucker has more power.

Outstanding sonic characteristics:  The Big-Nine-0 is something of a versatile Chameleon because at room volume it produces a responsive, sweet and pretty sound with some Strat* characteristic but with a darkness unlike any Strat, this is great for low volume smokey Jazz and Blues (with feel).  Turn up the volume to get it cooking and it roars to life like an attacking Tiger.  This is one sweet but brutal high energy pickup.

Recommended for fat, super punchy cleans, natural crunch or extreme gain applications, full on rock, distortion and low volume syrupy Jazz.  Suitable for all 3 positions in a Strat* but especially recommended for the bridge position as the second fattest sounding and second loudest Strat* model we make.


Tech stuff:  The Gen-2 models have taller magnets and taller coil with  Kinman's patented magnetic focusing device incorporated.  In concert with a squashed 600 Ohm hum-sensing coil all these new features produces non-aged sound.  Produces a massive inductance of 7 Henrys, more Inductance than most humbuckers or P-90's.  As of 10-Sep-2018 the pickups that have narrow and intermediate magnet spreads incorporate our new Gen-2+ technology which restores the slight but noticeable loss of attack & presence when the magnets are placed closer together.   More technical info below.

The Big-Nine-0 works best with a 500k volume pot which helps it develops top end sizzle & bloom more like real P-90.  It will work with a 250k volume pot but dynamics and high end sizzle are compromised to a noticeable degree.  Works well in a Kinman K9-H Goodbye-Soldering Harness with our Dual Resistive Load 500k/250k innovation.


The AVn-69 is the neck and middle pickups in the Woodstock Plus set.  Semi-Aged Sound - less low mid scoop than Non-aged sound models.

October-2019:  The AVn-69 has been upgraded to v2, that is some of our Gen-2 technology has been incorporated to significantly increase loudness and improve the snap of attack.  The sound is also more open and detailed.

High output with Alnico midrange complexity and detail, exceptional Violin-like sustain under gain, very full bodied tone (no mud) with loads of FEEL, gratifying low end thump and the meaty presence that surpasses regular Strat pickups.  It features snappy attack and big dynamic range for a fluid response.

Perhaps best summed up with these comments by the British guitar magazine Total Guitar"After installing Kinman Woodstock's our stock single coils suddenly seemed shockingly thin and weedy"

Signal chain requirements:  Any old cable won't do.  As with any pickup it's a good idea to use a low capacitance cable to get the maximum incredible performance of this pickup.

Incorporates Kinmans proprietary Alnico-K** low strength magnets to reduce string crash and buzz as well as allow extra sustain.

Some people will call these noiseless Stratocaster pickups but Kinman prefers to describe them correctly as Zero-Hum Stratocaster pickups.  That's because there are 2 types of noise, Hum which is cancelled in the pickup and Buzz which can only be minimized by shielding the wiring cavities