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Kinman Pickups - AVN Woodstock Plus Stratocaster Set


We have run out of stock for this item.

The Woodstock Plus set has a more powerful Hx-85 v2 bridge pickup.  The neck and middle are AVn-69 v2.  Named for the whole Woodstock era, not just for Jimi.

October-2019:  This set has been upgraded to v2, that is some of our Gen-2 technology has been incorporated to significantly increase loudness and improve the snap of attack.  The sound is also more open and detailed.

You will get dynamic and explosive sounds, the notes roll off the fret-board like fluid and sustain forever.  You are gonna get compliments on your sound after you install a set of Woodstocks.  Semi-Aged Strat sound with a lotta thump and punch, sharp attack and exceptional clarity, definition and projection.  They readily break into crunch under heavy pick attack.  Great for clean Fender sound but also good for Heavy Rock and extreme distortion.  High output with the welcome advantage of Zero-Hum so even heavy distortion sound don't suffer with annoying mains hum.

Perhaps best summed up with these comments by the British guitar magazine Total Guitar .... "After installing Kinman Woodstock's our stock single coils suddenly seemed shockingly thin and weedy"

*Stratocaster and Strat* are a Trade Marks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp.  Kinman is not connected to Fender.