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Kinman Pickups - '59 LPS Lite Telecaster Neck Pickup (Enhanced Split Single-Coil)


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59+ LPS 

NEWS Flash 15-Dec-2020 - Now available with 47.5mm pole spread that suits the neck position perfectly on Gibson's and and other guitars that have a narrow 52mm spaced bridge.  This has been made possible with our CLCT (Coil Length Compensation Technology) that restores the performance that is lost when poles are spaced closer together.  Follow this link to see pictures.

You might think it's pricey but considering it outperforms and sounds better than more expensive vintage humbuckers and most '59 originals it's actually a bargain.  Listen to the above YouTube demo and read the Report Cards (Header at top right).  Why gamble and spend thousands for a genuine original when you can be certain and buy a Kinman 59+ LPS ?

Our 59+ LPS has un-balanced coil turns but not un-balanced hum = Zero-Hum.  All unbalanced coils in humbuckers produce some hum, but not Kinman's.

Now can be ordered with optional ESSC Enhanced Split Single Coil where the split single coil is loud, snappy, crisp, bright and convincingly Fender-like as a single coil should be, instead of a weak facsimile.  If you want a humbucker with exceptional Zero-Hum split single coil sound please consider the Converge-3 which produces a great Fender sound in split mode.

There wasn't much quality control in those early days of humbucker production at Gibson and not all 59 Gibson humbuckers sound amazing, there were a lot of duds.  What makes a dud?  One that sounds flat and lifeless, nothing interesting or stimulating going on, no dynamics or interesting mid detail or what we refer to as piano mid-tones (aka the harmonically detailed stringy sound of strings).  Don't buy a dud, buy a Kinman with confidence you'll get the equal of the best original '59 pickup.

All Kinman humbucker models have more than a hint of piano mid tones, some models have more than others.  The trick we found is to engineer a stringy sound from the low E-6th string to get it up out of the mud without over-stepping into twang and single coil territory.  Guitar players often complain that humbuckers are, at the same time, too trebly on the plain strings and not trebly enough on the low wound strings.  What we have done is to sweeten the high’s on the plain strings and remove those overly present ear-splitting upper midrange spikes, while simultaneously lightly emphasizing piano mid tones of the low wound strings.  It sounds simple enough but there are complex technical challenges that must be solved in order for accomplish this delicate balancing act.  The result is uncommonly beautiful sound with amazing versatility and Depth-of-Field (aka 3D).

Brett Kingman (ace YouTube demo artist) told us "The 59+ LPS has some of the best cleans I've ever heard and that's why I love them so much.  But they are very versatile too and are right at home in country, funk, jazz, jangly as well as rock n roll and the heavier guitar arts".

Andrew Farnham (ace guitar player) told us "I’ve got the 59+LPS in one of my hollow-body guitar’s and they’re definitely the best set of humbuckers I’ve ever owned.  Amazing dynamics and touch responsiveness.  Still definitely a humbucker but with lots of nice single coil characteristics blended in".

So here we have a humbucker that has nicely balanced treble and presence on the plain and wound stings along with piano mid tones to give the wound strings better clarity and definition without the muddy veil that plagues practically all other humbuckers.  Yes, we did all of that without sacrificing the fat low end that humbuckers are know for.  It also has improved dynamic range and better hum cancellation than any ordinary pickup even though it has un-equal turns count in the coils (highly asymmetric) the very thing that makes other brands of asymetric humbuckers noisy.

Microphonics: Our pickups are over engineered and designed carefully so that wax potting has no detrimental effect on sound.  All Kinman's are wax potted and you have the freedom to utterly saturated their sound in distortion without a hint of microphonic feedback or howl.

Can all of this be true?  You betcha it’s true, experiencing the best of the best is believing.  Experience it for yourself, click the BUY button top left and have your Kinman experience delivered to your door by FedEx and in your hands within 10 days.

Comes in two versions ....

  • 59+ LPS Lite with the ideal 47.5mm pole spread for the neck position (another Kinman exclusive)
  • 59+ LPS with 50mm pole spread for the bridge position

Our Humbuckers cancel hum better than any other humbucker but there is another type of noise called 'buzz which can only be minimized by shielding the wiring cavities (refer to >Technical >Perfect Guitar >Shielding for newer guitars)

Kinman does not skimp on parts cost and so be it if we find we can do better with more parts.

  • Number of parts in our 59+ LPS pickup: 38 to 43, depending on which version.
  • Number of parts in regular humbucker: 25