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Fenech VT Grand Auditorium Camphor Laurel


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The VT Series is the first tier in our range and is crafted from high quality, hand selected all-solid timbers.

It blends both traditional and modern aspects to purposefully define the appearance and voice of these guitars. Since their inception, Fenech guitars have become renowned for consistently creating guitars that deliver exceptional aesthetics, playability and ‘volume and tone’ (VT). An apt description; we couldn’t think of a better way to describe this series!

Our approach to designing and selecting the materials used for these guitars was to simply strip back some of the more lavish appointments offered in our other guitars without compromising on any of the voice or playability our players have become accustomed to. The voice of these guitars is still meticulously achieved by hand through both our traditional and modern bracing techniques.

Make no mistake, all though this is the first tier in our range this is a feature packed, premium high quality handmade instrument and is perfect for anyone starting out, a busking/gigging musician or every day strummer or picker.


Camphor laurel was introduced into Australia from Asia in 1822 where it was planted as a garden ornamental throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Camphor laurel is an attractive shade tree, but has a reputation as a very destructive tree as it aggressively replaces native vegetation.

This species is now prolific around South East Qld and Northern NSW and for generations has been used extensively amongst fine furniture makers due to its striking grain, workability and stability. Its use as a tone wood is not widely known as the timber is not commercially harvested like some of the more common Australian species.

After using Camphor Laurel for many years as a tone wood, applying different voicing techniques and experimenting with variables like density, mass and specific colour selection, we have been able to refine the very best of what Camphor Laurel has to offer as a musical tone wood.

Camphor Laurel yields a crisp yet warm mid-range leaning slightly more to the bass side. A great tonal choice for strummers and flat pickers alike. The striking visual features of Camphor Laurel also make it a great choice for musicians looking for something a little more unique as each back and side set yields bold colour variations. Best of all, by utilising Camphor Laurel as a tone wood we like to think that we are helping restore our native vegetation one guitar at a time!