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Fenech 'Delta Blues' D78 Cutaway

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Just like our other models, each Delta Blues series guitar soundboard, back and bracing is individually optimized. By fine tuning the thickness and internally carving the bracing by hand by our expert team of luthiers, this ensures that the very best tone is achieved and gives each and every guitar a true ‘custom shop’ sound and feel. The tone is huge, big, loud, warm and clear with a touch of natural compression and the sustain is something else.

Make no mistake, although we offer the Delta Blues series across most body shapes, its been designed from the ground up and the key to the open and woody sound of the guitar is its ultra-thin nitrocellulose coating comprising of a beautiful dark bourbon stain.

Instead of finishing the instrument in our industry leading ‘super satin’ grained filled finish, we have chosen to highlight the natural Mahogany open grain and by doing so we can achieve the thinnest possible finish. This in turn allows the body of the instrument to vibrate uninhibited which expands the tonal character of the Mahogany.

Just as each piece of Mahogany used to build the Delta Blues is unique, the way its accepts the stain will be unique making each of the Delta Blues models completely original in colour. The dark bourbon stain gives that vintage vibe allowing a foundation for players to add their own years of wear which will only inspire that relic’d vintage look!

Tonewood Selection for this Series

AA Genuine Mahogany top, back & sides