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Doomsday Effects Cosmic Critter Fuzz


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All Hail the Cosmic Critter!

This is our take on a muff circuit with foot-switchable boost in front. The critter uses LED clipping rather than standard diodes to provide a more ‘open’  & 'natural' sound, but we have turned up the gain so this thing riffs hard!

With boost off, the fuzz behaves mostly like a standard 'muff' style circuit, but with a unique character due to 2 stacked LED clipping stages. With the boost engaged, this thing takes on a life of its own. Boost at maximum gives a compressed fuzz with subtle octave and velcro-like qualities. The Cosmic Critter can take you from mild drive to over the top cosmic destruction. Plug it it, hit a note and watch his cyclops eye light up when you chug!


  • True Bypass Switching
  • Independent Switchable Clean Boost
  • Boost, Fuzz, Tone & Volume controls
  • Red Chug Indicator in Cyclops Eye
  • 9VDC centre negative power supply required (Most standard Boss / 1 Spot adaptors will work, however using isolated power is recommended if possible for optimal performance)
  • Metal Enclosure
  • Artwork by Mike Foxall
  • Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty