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AER Domino 2A 100 Watt Acoustic Amplifier


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The Domino started out as mono, multi-channel acoustic solution for bigger stages.

It allows 4 signals at the same time and is fully equipped to work as an orchestersystem for small and medium sized venues especially in combination with the active extensions AS 281.

To maintain almost the same sound quality we decided to multiply the soundsystems rather than using standard configurations like 12“ and tweeter for higher volumes. Thus the Domino is equipped with two 8“ twin cone speakers plus tweeter and two combined 60 watt amps working as a 100 watt power unit. This gives him accuracy in the midrange and the speed for a realistic and vivid sound.

100 watts, dynamic control
2 x 8“ twin cone mono speaker system plus 1” neodym tweeter
Quad-channel acoustic system
Digital effect processor with 16 presets
12,8 kg (28.2 lbs)