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Kinman Pickups Loaded 'Blues' Stratocaster Pickguard (SCN Bridge + Two AVN 62's)


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A Fully loaded Stratocaster Pickguard hand-wires by our luthier Raymond, featuring a Kinman SCN Blues Bridge Pickup and Two AVN 62's in the Neck and Middle position. Wired alongside USA 'Switchcraft' 5-Way Switch and Jack Socket. 

Kinman SCN Blues (Southern Cousin)

You can expect aged sound with Zero-Hum, longer sustain, minimized fret buzz and a thicker vintage sound with a lot of spank and punch.

SCn is the bridge pickup in the Blues set.  The middle and neck pickups are AVn-62 Mk-I

This pickup is designed especially for the bridge position for you if you like a bridge pickup that's significantly hotter than Vintage models.  It delivers very smooth and creamy distortion, either natural overdrive or through FX without losing it's edge.  Has prominent midrange presence, bright but not piercing trebles and rock solid bass strings response with a nice growl when you want it.

The SCn was designed to have just the right tone, attack and output level for the bridge position while retaining the most desirable essential characteristics of a regular single coil pickup.  It can also be used, however, for the neck (or middle) position, clean or overdriven.  If you like fat and bluesy 'direct to the amp overdrive' tone from those positions then you'll like the SCn and it's got none of the usual nasties that hot pickups have. 

Kinman AVN '62

AVn-62 is the neck and middle pickups in the Blues set, the bridge pickup is the SCn.  One customer rated the Blues set as the outstanding best after he tried Fender Hot Noiseless,  DiMarzio Virtual Solo/Virtual Vintage '54 Pro/Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2, Woodstock Plus.

You can expect aged sound with Zero-Hum, longer sustain, minimized fret buzz and warm, sweet bluesy tone.  It's also good for modern rhythm lines.

You might like the warm vintage sound because it has more midrange coloration and no scoop, but the highs are still brilliant.  It's slightly louder than a stock Strat* single coil, and has a fatter, warmer tone than regular non-noiseless pickups.  You'll love the boxing glove attack and low-note growl factor.  No nasty, jagged ice-pick-in-the-ear annoyance that makes your ears hurt while the bass has an understated classic vintage warmth without the scoop of new non-aged Strat pickups.  It has  a lively and responsive feel and has the aggression of spanky new pickups.  It doesn't matter if your playing style is slow and soulful, fast and furious, bluesy, rock or virtuoso the AVn-62 will put a grin on your face.