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Ashdown Geezer Butler 'Head of Doom' 600W Bass Head

$1,449.00 $2,899.00

Elevate your bass game with the Ashdown 'Head of Doom' Geezer Butler Signature Bass Amp Head. This exceptional creation was meticulously crafted in the UK Custom Shop to meet the exacting standards of Geezer Butler, the iconic bassist of Black Sabbath. The story of Ashdown and Geezer Butler's collaboration began three years ago, culminating in the creation of the Head of Doom.
This amp head is a tour de force for bass players seeking classic, driven bass tones with immense power. Built on Ashdown's flagship ABM range, it offers rock-solid reliability and tried-and-tested tone. What sets the Head of Doom apart is its sophisticated 9-band EQ, featuring Bass, Middle, and Treble controls, along with six sliders for precise cut and boost in tonal regions beyond the standard controls.
One standout feature is the Sub-Harmonic generator, adding an octave below your played notes, creating unparalleled fullness in your bass sound. The Sub level is adjustable, giving you complete control over your tone. With the Head of Doom, you can seamlessly switch between your flat fretless sound and your favorite EQ setting via footswitch.
This amp head boasts a potent power section rated at 600 Watts RMS, ensuring that your bass cuts through any mix. It comes with two Neutrik speakon outputs and a minimum load of 4 ohms. The Head of Doom is equipped with a dual instrument input, catering to both passive and active basses.
The Head of Doom's striking feature is its twin set of VU meters, a first for Ashdown amplifier heads. Not only do these meters add a striking visual element to your stage setup, but they also provide output level visual monitoring. This allows bass players to find their instrument's sweet spot easily, adjust their tone via the 9-band EQ, and sculpt their sound further with the shape control, all while monitoring the output level via the second VU meter.
The Head of Doom is loaded with connectivity options, including a tuner output, line out, transparent FX loop, and a line input for external samplers or sound sources. Output muting lets you tune in silence. With a pair of Neutrik Jack/Speakon sockets, you have flexible partnering options for your cabinets.
The 'Doom' control takes your tone to new heights by increasing the current to the amp's 12AX7 pre-amp valve stage, delivering rich harmonic distortion tailored specifically for bass guitar. You can pre-set the Doom level and engage it via footswitch.