Camps M-6-C Classical


Handmade in Spain, designed for playability. An unbelievable classical guitar for the price.

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The Camps M-6, painstakingly handcrafted in the Guitarras Camps workshops in Catalonia, Spain, is an upper intermediate classical guitar suited for study and performance.
These guitars give you incredible hand-finished precision at a competitive price – although each guitar is acoustically checked and quality controlled by the Camps brothers (the descendents of the original founders of the company), these instruments have the polished look and feel of factory-built instruments.
The ebony fingerboard – less common these days due to cost and rarity – is incredibly smooth under the fretting hand, and gives you glossy highs and smooth lows. The laminated rosewood back and sides provide resonance and brightness, and you have the choice of brighter, tighter spruce* or warmer, mellower cedar* for the top. A fully adjustable truss rod in the cedar neck (not a feature on cheaper classical or flamenco guitars) helps keep the neck straight and true.
When choosing a classical guitar, it’s important to weigh up the quality and cost; more features and higher-quality materials usually mean a higher price. With the Camps M6, we think they’ve struck a great balance between quality and price, especially with the ebony fingerboard and the fact that each and every one of these guitars has been handcrafted by a Spanish luthier.
Drop by the Guitar Centre at the Gabba to play the M-6-C, and come browse through Queensland’s largest selection of imported Spanish guitars.

The M-6-C is with the cedar top…

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