Alhambra 1C Classical


A great-sounding Spanish-made classical guitar for the student or intermediate guitarist.

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The Spanish-made Alhambra 1C is an excellent beginner-to-intermediate guitar, and a worthwhile step up from your average entry-level instrument. It is made by hand, strictly quality controlled and takes its design from centuries of local craftsmanship.

This guitar is designed to aid learning by being easy to play. It has a forgiving action and user-friendly string separation, which helps you to play clean chords and notes while building finger strength and dexterity.

With any guitar, it’s always good to look out for a solid wood top, and the 1C’s matched German Spruce (also available in Red Cedar) gives a bright, responsive tone that really sings, especially with a good set of nylon strings. The laminated mahogany back and sides help give the guitar a warm tone, while the Indian Rosewood fingerboard adds a nice touch of luxury.

The Alhambra 1C works great as a first or second guitar for the student or mid-level guitarist, and can even be fitted with a pickup for performances.

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Manufacturer’s description

Right out of the box this guitar surprises you with its perfect finish, beautiful woods and light weight. “Savoir faire” and quality are the first words coming up to your mind. Handmade with selected wood, this instrument offers a solid Cedar Top. The more you play it, the better it sounds. Like a good wine, solid tops age and become better.

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